Blake Hutto comes home.

Yesterday, after a tumultuous journey, one that’s not yet finished, Blake Hutto came home.  Much to the delight of his friends and family.  I’ve never met Blake, though he lives a stones throw from my house.  He  is the older brother of one of my daughter Avery’s friend.  Blake was t-boned by an RV while driving his car a few months back.  While his friend who was riding in the passenger seat got out with minor injuries, Blake went into a coma.  He would remain in the coma for over two months.  No one was sure if he would live much less make it out of his coma.  The local Chic-Fil-A donated 15% of their sales on one day to the family to help offset the medical costs.  Countless prayers were prayed.  He did make it out of the comma and our little community lined up to welcome him home.  Being a father of three beautiful healthy children, I was overcome with mixed emotion watching a neighborhood rally around this boy and his family, and then watching a father helping his son into a wheelchair, something no father should have to do, but he happily did.  All in all, I left with a joyous feeling.  It was a homecoming.  A family was reunited and began a new season in life.  And witnessing the outpouring of love and support from his friends and strangers alike, I couldn’t help but think that there is hope for us yet.

  • December 29, 2012 - 3:57 pm

    Jojo Pangilinan - This is awesome! Thank you for sharing this!

  • December 29, 2012 - 8:53 pm

    Janna Joy Lanphear - So much love and kindness is evident on both sides of the lens… Nice work!

  • December 29, 2012 - 11:28 pm

    alison holcomb - totally made me tear up. what a sweet story, so glad he’s ok and surrounded by love.

  • December 30, 2012 - 2:30 pm

    Shipra Solanky Panosian - True community is a powerful thing to be a part of and to witness. So glad he’s home!

  • December 30, 2012 - 9:07 pm

    Heiko Schmidt Photographer - This is a very moving story. There are so many destinies like the one of Blake. All of them deserve to be told. You made a powerful job to tell his. Well done. All the best to Blake, hope he will come out of this OK.

  • December 31, 2012 - 2:31 am

    Chad Hutto - Amazing job. We really appreciate it. Thank you!

  • December 31, 2012 - 2:33 am

    Stephanie Franklin Carpenter - Amazing!

  • December 31, 2012 - 2:55 am

    Ginger Duncan Hutto - Amazing. Thank you for capturing this big event for us.

  • December 31, 2012 - 3:03 am

    Nannette Uselton Clark - Most excellent!

  • December 31, 2012 - 3:12 am

    Kendall Hall Pierce - Yay God!!! What a blessing.

  • December 31, 2012 - 3:15 am

    Sue Grant Patterson - Fantastic photos of Blakes homecoming

  • December 31, 2012 - 3:31 am

    Rachel Lynn - Great Pics!! Great Story..

  • December 31, 2012 - 4:36 am

    debbie - Awesome photos of Blakes Homecoming . The power of prayer works.Blake your are a true miracle. Hutto Family I pray for a Blessed 2013 for all of you. Awesome to see this miracle and know our God made this happen.GOoooooooo Blakkkkkeeeeeee!!

  • January 3, 2013 - 5:02 am

    Gian Carlo - That is so moving, moments like this strengthen our faith in God, community, life, family and friends. Blessings to Blake and his family. Wishing, knowing that full recovery is ahead.

  • January 13, 2013 - 2:15 am

    Bonnie Hackett - thanks for sharing this amazing tale of what one town can and did do, with all of.


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